We are Da Vinci

Trading derivatives on multiple exchanges across the globe

Da Vinci Derivatives is a company founded, owned and managed by current employees who have set high standards around trading, technology and company culture.

Our story

Founded in 2015, Da Vinci specialises in trading derivatives on multiple exchanges across the globe. The company is based in Amsterdam as it has historically been a central place for trading.

At Da Vinci we aim to create the best proprietary trading house in the world. We like to work with smart, talented and passionate people from all around the world!

Experience a day as a Trader at Da Vinci Derivatives

Working at Da Vinci

People working at Da Vinci are motivated through challenges and enjoy working in a highly dynamic environment where every day can be different from the day before. To us, it matters what you contribute to the end result, we do not engage in politics.

While we may be competitive individuals by nature, in our work we behave as one organic group as we believe that the only way to book real progress is to help your colleagues make the next step. We foster an open environment in which people are encouraged to speak up, bring new ideas to the table and think with us.

Our people come from all over the world; in our book, talent knows no boundaries, excellence has no color, success does not come from social status. We are interested in your willingness to learn, invest in yourself and make that extra step.

We all share a common ambition to make Da Vinci the best trading company in the world in a safe and compliant manner. This is not necessarily the biggest trading company as we strongly believe that quality always outweighs quantity.

At Da Vinci we feel that we do not need a great number of people to be successful, we simply need the best people. Our employees are our most important asset and we do everything within our power to help them reach their individual goals and so that we can collectively reach our company goals.

Our culture

We are defined by innovation and collaboration, encouraging new ideas and working together to make them a reality. We are driven by passion and wanting to be the best at what we do!


Being creative, evolving with time and thinking ahead is the key to consistent long term performance. Learning current strategies and adapting them with our ideas and experience makes us better every day.


Clear communication and excellent teamwork is the basis for a strong team. Sharing all necessary ideas and information prepares the team to be competitive in all market conditions.


The only way to do great work is to love what you do. We believe passion for trading, strong discipline, a healthy work-life balance and a nice working environment builds a great company

Beat the markets

Taking initiative, having an entrepreneurial mindset and being competitive allows us to stay ahead. Onboarding the right people will help us to become the best trading firm in the world.


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Work with us to beat the markets and create the best trading firm in the world.