Our vision

At Da Vinci, we aim at creating the best proprietary trading house in the world. For us, this does not mean the biggest firm but the one with the best people and ideas. To achieve this goal, we are constantly looking for talent and new opportunities.

Da Vinci is a place where smart, passionate and ambitious people from all around the world grow together and are empowered to share their ideas. When you join our team, we want you to feel like you are not only amongst colleagues but also friends, that your voice is heard and your contribution matters. This open and inspiring environment helps us to be flexible and able to implement new strategies successfully.

Our story

Da Vinci was founded in 2015 by a group of young trading professionals who wanted to do things differently. Since inception, we have been growing successfully and have become an established name in the market.

We are based in Amsterdam, a place with a rich history in financial markets and trading. The world’s first stock market was established in Amsterdam in 1602. So was the European Options Exchange, in 1978. Thanks to its excellent financial market infrastructure and sound regulatory practices, Amsterdam provides the perfect environment for Da Vinci to thrive.

From Amsterdam, we now trade on the most important exchanges in Europe, US and Brazil. Our growth plans include expanding our market access in the US and Asia and opening offices in both locations.

“Be good, work hard and great things will happen”

Our business focus

As proprietary trading firm, we trade solely with our own money, creating natural risk awareness. We identify and trade opportunities in financial derivatives with short to medium term strategies focused on volatility. We are also a liquidity provider through our market making activities. The instruments we trade include mainly options and futures on underlyings such as single stock, index and fixed income and volatility indices and dividends. Our business is regulated by the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Our company

Highly innovative, meritocratic and entrepreneurial by nature, our company is owned and managed by its own employees. We believe that people are our most important asset. We truly value them and provide all the tools necessary for their development, both personal and professional. In our book, talent knows no boundaries, excellence has no colour, success does not come from social status. What we are interested in is the willingness to learn, invest in yourself and make that extra step.


Our engagement

Through our activities, we help markets become more efficient, which benefits end investors. We embrace our responsibility to contribute to the industry and to society in general. As member of APT (www.aptraders.nl), the Amsterdam Proprietary Traders association, we participate frequently in various industry fora. In this way, we engage with other market participants to create a more transparent investment environment.


Why the name Da Vinci?

We were inspired by one of the most brilliant minds in human history, the scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci. It was a nice coincidence that the fonetic combination of the names of the three founders David, Vidit and Jiteshu, leads to “Da Vinci”.

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What’s it like to work at Da Vinci?

People working at Da Vinci are motivated through challenges and enjoy working in a highly dynamic environment where every day can be different from the day before. We foster an open environment in which people are encouraged to speak up, bring new ideas on the table and think with us. Our employees are our most important asset and we do everything within our power to help them reach their individual goals and so that we can collectively reach our company goals.

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Why Amsterdam?

The company is based in Amsterdam which has historically been a central place for trading, with the world’s first stock market established here in 1602 and the European Options Exchange in 1978. Also, many electronic trading companies have their base in Amsterdam, which creates a perfect combination of infrastructure and workforce availability. Next to that it is, while being affordable, a pleasant city to live in.

Is Da Vinci a high frequency trading firm?

As a company we do not focus on speed only, as we think that makes us strategically dependent and consequently vulnerable. Instead we aim at hiring the brightest minds who are passionate about trading and keen to challenge themselves. We empower new talent to come up with the best strategies and contribute to our goal of becoming the best trading company in the world.

I know Da Vinci is a proprietary trading firm. What does that mean?

Da Vinci, as proprietary trading firm, trades solely with its own money creating natural risk awareness and does not have clients.

What products does Da Vinci trade and at what exchanges are you active?

Da Vinci trades a variety of financial products focusing on options and futures on single stock, index and fixed income and on volatility indices and dividends. We trade on all important venues in Europe and also in the United States and Brazil. Our plans include expanding to more exchanges in the United States and Asia.

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How many people work at Da Vinci?

We currently have 42 employees, 15 nationalities, and are growing rapidly. In the coming years we plan to open offices in the United States and Asia. We aim at reaching a healthy number of employees across all locations focusing on quality above quantity and allowing employees to know each other. We believe that people work better together if they can contact their colleagues freely and comfortably.

What makes Da Vinci different from other firms?

We have the luxury of being small and flexible and aiming at growing in such way that allows us to stay flexible and allows the employees to know each other. Our working environment is challenging while supportive, competitive while cooperative and dynamic while respectful. It nurtures innovation and creativity. We offer access to an excellent training program and the opportunity to learn from the best! As the company is growing, there are ample opportunities to grow with the company, both from a career and benefits perspective.

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I am moving to a new country, will there be any support to help me discover my new home?

We offer our expat employees a relocation budget and support to settle in The Netherlands. There are also many company sponsored activities such as Friday drinks, game evenings, Christmas and summer parties, allowing employees to socialize with colleagues outside of work.

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I am still studying and want to do an internship or write my thesis at Da Vinci. Do you offer these opportunities?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we are not offering undergraduate opportunities such as internships or writing a thesis. As we are growing, the resources are focused at training new employees. We envisage offering undergraduate opportunities in the future. Please visit our website periodically and follow us on social media.

I read on your website that the application process includes a test. What does this entail?

If you apply for the graduate trader position or the experienced trader position, you will be required to take a test based on mental arithmetic and approximations.

If you apply for the quant analyst position, you will be required to take a test based on mental arithmetic and approximations and a small programming test.

If you apply for the developer position, you will be required to take a small programming test.

What does your application process look like?

The application process consist of various steps, including tests and rounds of interviews (HR and technical interviews).

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I want to apply for one of your open positions. Can I send you an e-mail with my CV and motivation?

We handle applications centrally through our website. We encourage all applicants to apply through our website instead of sending their application by e-mail. That allows us to handle applications smoothly and efficienty.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

We encourage applicants to apply for one position, i.e., the position that has your preference and which you like most. If you are open to be considered for another position as well, please indicate so in your motivation letter and we will take that into account.

I see the roles of Trader and Quant Analyst on your website, but I am struggling with the difference between the two. Can you explain?

The main difference is that traders establish trading strategies and actively take positions in the market. For traders, it is key being able to intuitively understand the opportunities in the market and take decisions fast. Quant analysts are more focussed on market research and building mathematical models which traders can use. Both roles work closely together and interact continuously with each other by discussing market developments and working on new ideas.

What training will I get at Da Vinci?

Our employees are our most important asset and we invest extensive time and effort in their training and development. All starters go through an onboarding program. Our training is focussed and rigorous and we see our trainees growing significantly in knowledge and skills already in the first few weeks of training.

What is the career progression at Da Vinci?

After your training, you get the opportunity to work independently while being coached and
mentored by your seniors. You progression depends on your performance and capabilities.
Employees who learn fast and show results, will move in their career at a faster pace. We recognise talent and contribution and reward based on performance instead of seniority.

We are hiring

Work with us to beat the markets and create the best trading firm in the world.